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Flamin’ Fig, an unusual name you say? We’ll come back to that! 

Flamin' Fig represents a new path on our graphic & website design journey and one we feel will further express our talent (creative and professional) and our experienced views on website design.

We have come to a point in our web design journey where we feel that the web has just become over-complicated and is becoming one big hackers’ paradise. Web developers struggle to make the impossible all fit together without leaving large gaping holes and back-doors for the new breed of determined Hackers! Don’t get us wrong, we love progress and pushing the boundaries of this creative medium but our team realised that in the end we were doing more tweaking, fixing and hacking of code than creating… and to what end? Ultimately, our clients weren’t aware of it at all because they just wanted a finished product to work and so when we started to educate them and to charge for all the extra work to keep them safe online they were taken aback!

In 2018 we started looking for something better… something more simplistic, secure, non-hackable, intuitive, and which was able to reduce our interaction with code! After much searching we came across an application called Sparkle. Admittedly, we weren’t sure of it at first, let alone if it was even capable of the modern web but as we put it through its paces we were overwhelmed in how it met all our requirements - it had simplicity, intuitiveness, security, and best of all, we were able to visually design instead of work with code! We had found the diamond within the rock - Sparkle!

Our essence is perfection, creativity, minimalism, outcome-driven. We love our planet; we are ethical and sustainable, and we believe that this is a really great combination  giving life to Flamin’ Fig…

That was back in mid 2018 and now any and all websites we create for our clients are via the Sparkle platform!

But then we got thinking… Why not create theme kit templates for people that love Sparkle's simplicity but need a helping hand with creating a professional personal brand or business appearance online and….. you guessed it… the result of that thinking is Flamin’ Fig!

Our essence is perfection, creativity, minimalism, outcome-driven. We love our planet; we are ethical and sustainable, and we believe that this is a really great combination giving life to Flamin’ Fig i.e. creating beautiful ethically-minded theme kits with a supporting carbon neutral hosting platform. We also support the “1 Planet” approach; 1% of all completed Flamin' Fig purchases go towards planting trees in Australia and around the world through ethical tree planting schemes.

Ok, now for why we chose our name….we wanted something unique, bold, catchy, contemporary, easy to remember and easy to say and after a lot of weeks, a lot of creative ideas, lots of backwards and forwards, and then a lot of deleting we were left with Flamin’ Fig. The name alludes to something instantly noticeable, visual, bold, colourful, and outright yummy! A repeating “F” was also an implemented strategy to keep us on our users’ minds but in the end it fairly well represents our unique passion and creativity in moving the web forward in a far more simpler  and streamlined way while still having loads of wow! So with all that said, welcome to Flamin’ Fig.

Our aim is to create modern contemporary look-and-feel, results-driven theme kits that we present to you without you having to touch any code! All you need do is take the theme kit, load it into your purchased Sparkle app, and change out the text and images before hitting the publish button! In the end we want to present you with a dreamy-experience and a resulting professional eye-catchy online presence with no ongoing hassle or cost other than hosting / SSL Certificate and domain renewal. Deliciously easy!


We’ve been in the web design industry for a long time now, nearly 15 years, so we have seen and experienced a lot - some good,  some bad, and some very bad! Over the last 3 years we have really felt conflicted as we tried to give our clients an honest and simple experience but realised that most of the platforms available were not able to make that happen. Since then we have steered people away from complicated and hackable platforms such as WordPress CMS.  The reason being that everyone we have come across has complained about its complexity, its layers, the plethora of plugins, and all in all how the whole experience is conflicted. It requires a continuous supply of money to make it work let alone to have a great online business experience… and for the majority of templates, they all look like they’re from the same mould! Where is the creativity, the personalisation, the mojo?

We feel strongly that we have found something that bypasses all that complexity and lack of mojo!… It is Sparkle, and we love it so much we want to get it out to more than our existing clients, and that is how the Flamin’ Fig theme kit templates came about - simple mojo that is secure, fast loading, and a dream to use! Today we feel content and non-conflicted as we move into the new world of visual web design without the need to touch the underlying code! We can now do what we were born to do and create lovely professional outcome-driven templates and individually unique websites!


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We are here to help! So you are in a pickle, going around in circles and time is running out to hit that publish button. With our 3 solid years of using Sparkle to create sleek modern websites and templates, we can most certainly help you past those hurdles.  We also have experience in integrating ecommerce platforms like Ecwid, Shopify, Gumroad, etc… Here are a few examples of our work… - -   DM us for more information, or hop on over to our website ( where you can make a booking with us.   #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #greenstudio #designempowerment #greenhosting #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #draganddrop #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania  * [Image from Pinterest, art by Flamin’ Fig]
Howdy from Flamin' Fig!  Our new Vision Co. landing page template is a Sparkle theme that is ideal for businesses, web studios, online marketers, online portfolio, and much more…  An unique eye-catchy luring design with a vibrant inviting colour palette that grabs attention, with bold text, and a sleek curvy modern uncluttered design… allowing your clients to easily find your call to action… Make a booking! Vision Co. is a fast loading site that will keep the likes of Google very happy! Check out the demo here -  Vision Co. was built on the Sparkle App platform so everything is editable without you needing to touch any code!  If you need any assistance with your template, our team at Flamin' Fig is here to help - after all It is our jam! * ======================================== We are here to support the soul-conscious world 100%, and better serve the soulpreneurs and ethically-conscious businesses that are moving society into a better way of living and in harmony with our planet. ========================================  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #sparkleapp #greenstudio #designempowerment #greenhosting #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #draganddrop #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania  * [Image from Flamin' Fig, art by Flamin' Fig]
IT IS JUST ABOUT ON OUR DOORSTEP! 22 MAY 2023!  It has been announced that the next massive iteration of Sparkle is coming - SPARKLE 5. Judging back what came to us when Sparkle 4 was released I would say we are in for a massive surprise and happiness all round! :)  Flamin’ Fig will take full advantage of the new Sparkle 5 and will be releasing new templates to highlight the advances made and the new features and functionality added to Sparkle 5. Stay tuned!  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #greenstudio #greenhosting #canva #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania #draganddrop   [Image by Chris Yates?, design by Flamin’ Fig]
Hi Everyone! :)  At Flamin’ Fig we are always testing, innovating, and checking data for insight into the patterns of the everyday website User across, not only Australia, but also around the world. In doing this it gives us a better and more future proof way of presenting our website themed templates that are created for the innovative Sparkle App.  Our learning and understanding has gotten us to take a different approach in how we present our Flamin’ Fig website themed templates when it comes to “devices”, the heart of website responsiveness in the Sparkle App.  Check out our Blog Post to learn more -  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #greenstudio #designempowerment #greenhosting #ethical #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania  [Image design by Flamin’ Fig]
Hi Everyone! :) * I have had the time to really get behind Flamin’ Fig and so this February is a busy month - a busy month for a number of template launches… 9 so far to be exact. You can get a sneak peek over at our website Flamin’ Fig - * I’m calling it the “Flamin’ Fig February”! The first template has gone out yesterday! * As mentioned these template launches will be throughout this month, February. * I have also introduced a new family member… Mini-Blocks, that I’m sure you are going to love! They easily slip into your existing Sparkle projects. * Also still working on the revamping of Flamin’ Fig to Flamin’ Fig 2.0 with a whole lot of innovation and a new one-of-a-kind Sparkle blog - dreamy! * As most of you know (and this is one way of many ways in using Sparkle) I have moved all my designs and templates over to the 960 (editable) and 320 (editable) devices, and auto-scaling the 768 and 1200 devices. For me this is an efficient work flow, but it is also based on User-research gathered over the last 7 years. * Over the next few days (I was going to wait for the launch of Flamin’ Fig 2.0 but alas…) I will be publishing a detailed blog post on it which I think will be a good read just to further clarify my reasoning for using the 320 and 960 devices and auto-scaling the rest. * Thank you for all your support, and I hope you like our next round of Flamin' Fig templates. * ** *** #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #nocodeapps #designtools #greenhosting #ethical #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #sparkleapp #ethicalwebdesign #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #sustainable #tasmaniadesign #launcestontasmania *** ** * [Image created by Flamin’ Fig]

At Flamin’ Fig, we not only love the online simplicity that we offer in our theme kit templates, we also love our planet and feel humbled that we can offer you both in this new age of awareness!

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