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Code is the underlying framework but it isn’t the end-user experience! The design is!

11 February 2021

We’ve been in the web design industry for many years now seeing it move through its innovations and standards to make it an even playing field and we’ve come to realise how complex it has become. Unfortunately, many of the changes and advancements have also created vulnerabilities that allow Hackers in through “back doors” to potentially compromise websites!

Sorry to add, but we’re looking at you WordPress! 

This is a blog on ‘artificial steroids’ created by web developers, not web designers. Many platforms such as WordPress beef themselves up with plugin after plugin, many of which are in conflict with each other and need to be constantly patched or updated……and they’re a heaven for Hackers!


During our many years in this industry we’ve come across many programs for designing websites without code. Whilst previously this tended to be more of a hit and miss experience,  this hasn’t been the case of late. Designing websites without touching the code has started to trend in the last 3 or so years but in most cases it is a play on words because you still have to have an understanding of the underlining code, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not truely ‘web design without code’. However, there is a standout in the field of ‘web design without code’ which allows you to visually create and absolutely not touch code and that is Sparkle!… and we love it! It isn’t just a well thought out and future-proofed platform but its makers, Duncan & Daniele, are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to client support and platform updates! I can’t recommend their services highly enough.

Code is the underlying platform for a website, but code isn’t the look and feel or the user-flow experience or the call to action. That’s found in the visual, the creative, and the strategy… and that’s what Sparkle allows us to concentrate on.

You’ve most likely heard of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, or even Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher (which I prefer). If you have knowledge and experience in these applications then you’re already half way there to using Sparkle…

Sparkle allows us to just get on with it and, at the end of the day, it generates the W3C standard html/CSS/javascript code with a very light smattering of PHP for the sending of  forms. In all of that you don’t touch a line of code and yet you can have a perfectly working website across the multiple screens, including tablet and mobile after  publishing.

For the team at Flamin’ Fig it’s the freedom and the art of design, the ability to test and reiterate if needed without the deconstruction, it allows us to be agile and sharp as we work towards our client’s end goal. Sparkle gets completely out of our way as we craft your existence online. It makes an appearance only when we hit the publish button, converting the canvas to W3C semantic html/CSS/javascript and compressing the laid images plus all the other little things that makes for a great website build - minus the plugin spaghetti! That is what we call ‘web design without code’ and that is how our Flamin’ Fig theme kits are created - a no-headache approach to putting you online and giving your end-user a great experience!

There is nothing out there that compares to Sparkle… the closest is Adobe Muse but that has been dropped by Adobe like a hot potato totally letting down their web design community! Sparkle is the total opposite to the complicated, heavy code-driven and security compromised WordPress CMS and similar! The simplicity of Sparkle allows for it to reside on your macOS machine instead of on a server, giving you ownership and security over your Flamin’ Fig theme kit and file. In other words, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to change out your text or images, you can work offline and go online just when you hit the publish button. Throughout the process you will not touch any code because our Flamin’ Fig theme kits, through the support of the Sparkle platform, are totally visual.

So you have our Flamin’ Fig theme kit loaded into the Sparkle app that resides on your macOS machine. You can be internet connected or not as you build out your purchased theme kit to represent you and your online business. Within the Sparkle app you can add tools such as social media and Google Analytics. You can work with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and if you know what you are doing with SEO then your Flamin’ Fig Theme Kit  will shine online as it moves up the ranks with the keywords you’ve assigned.

You’ve probably gathered along the way that I’m totally visual when it comes to the web. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked with code and have created large projects with a lot of bespoke code but having done all that, I can now say I’m totally over it because the web should not be that complicated!

You’ve most likely heard of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, or even Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher (which I prefer). If you’re on macOS then you would have come across Pages. If you have knowledge and experience in these applications then you’re already half way there to using Sparkle - it works along the same lines - it’s visual without code but code nonetheless underlies it to generate those creations you make. The Sparkle app allows you to create and when you’re done and you publish it, Sparkle creates the needed code to make it work exceptionally well as an adaptive website across the differing sized screens.

Our Flamin’ Fig theme kits are based on this platform technology so you will have the same experience by loading it into your purchased Sparkle app, swapping out the text and images, placing your logo, and tweaking the colours to make it represent your brand and in the end you did not touch a single line of code to make it happen - we love that!


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IT IS JUST ABOUT ON OUR DOORSTEP! 22 MAY 2023!  It has been announced that the next massive iteration of Sparkle is coming - SPARKLE 5. Judging back what came to us when Sparkle 4 was released I would say we are in for a massive surprise and happiness all round! :)  Flamin’ Fig will take full advantage of the new Sparkle 5 and will be releasing new templates to highlight the advances made and the new features and functionality added to Sparkle 5. Stay tuned!  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #greenstudio #greenhosting #canva #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania #draganddrop   [Image by Chris Yates?, design by Flamin’ Fig]
Hi Everyone! :)  At Flamin’ Fig we are always testing, innovating, and checking data for insight into the patterns of the everyday website User across, not only Australia, but also around the world. In doing this it gives us a better and more future proof way of presenting our website themed templates that are created for the innovative Sparkle App.  Our learning and understanding has gotten us to take a different approach in how we present our Flamin’ Fig website themed templates when it comes to “devices”, the heart of website responsiveness in the Sparkle App.  Check out our Blog Post to learn more - https://flaminfig.com/just-two-editable-devices.html  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #greenstudio #designempowerment #greenhosting #ethical #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania  [Image design by Flamin’ Fig]
Hi Everyone! :) * I have had the time to really get behind Flamin’ Fig and so this February is a busy month - a busy month for a number of template launches… 9 so far to be exact. You can get a sneak peek over at our website Flamin’ Fig - https://www.flaminfig.com. * I’m calling it the “Flamin’ Fig February”! The first template has gone out yesterday! * As mentioned these template launches will be throughout this month, February. * I have also introduced a new family member… Mini-Blocks, that I’m sure you are going to love! They easily slip into your existing Sparkle projects. * Also still working on the revamping of Flamin’ Fig to Flamin’ Fig 2.0 with a whole lot of innovation and a new one-of-a-kind Sparkle blog - dreamy! * As most of you know (and this is one way of many ways in using Sparkle) I have moved all my designs and templates over to the 960 (editable) and 320 (editable) devices, and auto-scaling the 768 and 1200 devices. For me this is an efficient work flow, but it is also based on User-research gathered over the last 7 years. * Over the next few days (I was going to wait for the launch of Flamin’ Fig 2.0 but alas…) I will be publishing a detailed blog post on it which I think will be a good read just to further clarify my reasoning for using the 320 and 960 devices and auto-scaling the rest. * Thank you for all your support, and I hope you like our next round of Flamin' Fig templates. * ** *** #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #nocodeapps #designtools #greenhosting #ethical #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #sparkleapp #ethicalwebdesign #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #sustainable #tasmaniadesign #launcestontasmania *** ** * [Image created by Flamin’ Fig]

At Flamin’ Fig, we not only love the online simplicity that we offer in our theme kit templates, we also love our planet and feel humbled that we can offer you both in this new age of awareness!

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